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My family is really loving my preparation for a session that I will be presenting at a few upcoming conferences, specifically Teach Them Diligently in Nashville, TN; Christian Heritage in Bellevue, WA; WHO in Puyallup, WA and OCEAN in Portland, OR. This is why my family is having so much fun…

I am watching recent uploads to some of my favorite educational YouTube channels. Ya, you heard that right… YouTube… the website that I have a love/hate relationship with. Truly, you can find some amazing stuff on YouTube, but you can also find seriously atrocious stuff and navigating your way around it can be challenging. To help my family navigate, I subscribe to my favorite channels; “favorite” videos that I want my kids to watch and turn safety mode “on.” While none of these things truly safeguard your kids from harmful videos on YouTube, my presence does. So we enjoy these videos together.

Would you like to know about some of my favorite YouTube channels? Here are a few… (And be sure to subscribe to my blog updates to the right, if you haven’t already done so.)

1. Spangler Effect – Steve Spangler Science videos are appropriate for all ages. Big science is great fun for everyone. Occasional swear words are bleeped out. Some favorites are…

Water Rockets

Hydrogen Peroxide

2. Mr. Zoller – These social study themed videos are appropriate for kids of all ages. Very informative, but interesting and keep kids’ attention.

Geography of China

Thirteen Colonies

3. Crash Course – These videos are for kids who are a little older, say junior high and high school. A very captivating and fun way to learn some more difficult subjects, such as science and literature.


The Odyssey

4. HistoryTeachers – These are music videos using popular music with new lyrics that teach on topics in history. Very fun, but some have mature(ish) themes, such as beheadings, affairs, etc.

French Revolution

King Henry VIII

5. History Supersizers – Learn about the food and lifestyles of people who lived in a different time. Occasional swearing is bleeped out.



6. Nerdy Nummies – While not educational in the same way as the above, many of these baking ideas are taken from school subjects, such as…

Pi Pie Pops

Science Beaker Cake

7. Kahn Academy – Not a YouTube channel perse, but a great resource for learning a whole spectrum of subjects, from Ancient Rome to Genetics.

Tour of Ancient Rome

Punnett Squares

I hope that you have fun with these. Please list your favorite Youtube channels below in the comments box. Who knows, maybe they will make it into my recommendations during my live (and recorded) presentations. And be sure to subscribe to your right for blog updates in the future.) Thanks!

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  • Mindy K Sims

    Our favorite channel for geography is PleaseTakeMeTo. All of the videos are very educational and make me want to go to each place we watch!

    • / Terri Johnson

      Fun! Sounds like my kind of show. :)

  • Jonetta Pauley

    Horrible Histories! Hilarious BBC show that shares shocking but true history facts in a way that makes my kids beg for more! Enough potty humor to keep an 11- year old boy entertained but not too much that I don’t enjoy it. Some of our for favorites are “Roman toilets,” “Roman Sausage Smuggler,” “Trojan Horse” and “British Railroads.” Enjoy!

    • / Terri Johnson

      Thanks for letting me know some of your favorites. And for the link. I’ll take a look.

  • Chrisand Cheryl Powell

    We love Horrible Histories too and had just recently discovered the singing History Teachers. We have little ones too so we subscribe to What’sInTheBible and AIG, not to mention Tim Hawkins comedy for lunchtime laughs!!! I usually put together my own playlists of screened things for our current lessons. Just started really using youtube more this past winter or so. Thanks for your list!!!

    • / Terri Johnson

      Great list. I have heard great things about What’s In the Bible, so I will definitely check that out.

  • Jeanette Ryan Murphy


  • Angie

    rated rr is one my boys enjoy, if you can handle info about blowing things up and shooting things. smarter everyday is done by a homeschool dad. It is very interesting, and sci-show is very good. I also like ceramic arts daily for teaching pottery if your kids want to learn that. we allso enjoy tim hawkins and kid snippets and kid history, but they are just for entertainment. You may not actually learn anything on those last two, but they are quite funny.

    • / Terri Johnson

      Thanks for these recommendations. I will definitely check them out. :)

  • tantechell

    Netflix also has a (cartoon) horrible histories, my kids seem to like it as well

    • / Terri Johnson

      Thanks! I see that Horrible Histories has been recommended a few times. I will definitely have to check that out.

  • http://thewiredhomeschool.com John Wilkerson

    Great resources, Terri. We use YouTube a lot in our home. There are some new ones here I’ll have to investigate (especially the history-related ones). I compiled a list of STEM-related channels over at my blog:


    • / Terri Johnson

      Thanks, John, this is a great list!

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