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  • Diana M.
    • / Terri Johnson

      Thank you, Diana! :)

  • Karen H

    I downloaded it and told a friend about it (don’t have facebook, twitter, blog etc). When I opened the app I couldn’t find the free issue though – both had $$ on them. Would really like to read the free issue to see what it’s like.

    • / Terri Johnson

      Hi Karen,

      Click on the big yellow subscribe button and then on “Free Magazine Trial”. Just unsubscribe after you download the current issue. Let me know if you still need help.

  • Dineen Ford

    Yes, I shared on Facebook. The magazine sounds really cool. I wish I had an Ipad to read it with my daughter.

    • / Terri Johnson

      Hi Dineen, we are currently in development with Android and Kindle versions. Maybe one of those will work for you?

  • aise

    Posted in my fb account

    • / Terri Johnson

      Thank you so much, Aise!

  • Janet

    Shared on Facebook

    • / Terri Johnson

      Thank you, Janet, we sure appreciate that.

  • canafrend

    E-mailed my homeschool group. Its a pretty large group!

    • / Terri Johnson

      Thank you so much!!

  • Karilyn

    I downloaded but it’s not free. It’s saying I have to pay for it. I would like to try it put before committing to buy it… :( is there a trick to it??

    • / Terri Johnson

      Karilyn, send me an email – [email protected] – and I’ll make sure that you have the correct link to download the free ebook. Perhaps you are not on the correct web page.

  • Lisa

    Hi! I tried to download it and only the first page came down….

    • / Terri Johnson

      Lisa, send me an email – [email protected] – and we’ll make sure you get the full ebook.

  • Delene

    Shared link on Facebook

    • / Terri Johnson

      Thank you so much, Delene!

      • Delene

        How do I download the ebook, Terri?

        • / Terri Johnson

          Delene, send me an email and I’ll send you the link :) [email protected]

  • Betty

    Sent the msg in a tweet!

    • / Terri Johnson

      We sure appreciate that, Betty!

  • Valerie Cross

    Tweeted and Facebooked it! :-)

    • / Terri Johnson

      Thank you, Valerie! :)

      • Valerie Cross

        Thank YOU for the ebook!

  • Sean

    shared a post on facebook

  • Debra Rose Childers

    Shared on Facebook.

  • Jackie S.

    I will share with my 2 yahoo homeschool groups tomorrow.

  • Kelly

    I shared on Facebook today. Could you send the book to me?

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